The young resarcher of MTA Wigner RCP, Renáta Ünnep was awarded for studying the ultrastructure and flexibility of photosynthetic membrane systems in different photosynthetic organisms (cyanobacteria, green algae and higher plants). She identified with her collaborating partners previously unknown membrane reorganizations associated with light adaptation and photoprotection of oxygenic photosynthetic organisms.
Three-atomic-layer-thick Fe films on Ir(111). The layers were heated from about 8K to about room temperature. The experiments reveal a significant increase of the magnetic period of spin spirals from about 4 nm at 8 K to about 65 nm at room temperature.
Hungarians and Wigner RCP reaserchers are participating in the developing of Next Generation Driver for Attosecond and Laser-plasma Physics. The team is led by the Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics in München.