Our colleagues are also participated on Quark Matter 2019 which is the most important conference in heavy ion physics, organised this year in Wuhan, China, between 4-9 of November. The goal of the conference is "bringing together physicists from around the world to discuss new developments in high energy heavy-ion physics".

In an article that appeared in the prestigious journal Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences (US), scientists from the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Hungary) and the Technical University Dresden (Germany) investigated a possible link between microstructures observed during directional solidification, well known in materials science, and rather similar structures that form during biomineralization, a process that yields hierarchically structured organic-inorganic composite structures in living organisms.
In a recent article appeared in the prestigious journal Progress in Materials Science (impact factor 23.725), researchers from the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Hungary), the Loughborough University (UK), and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (US) review how phase-field theoretical studies contributed to the understanding of crystal nucleation in undercooled liquids.

CERN, SZTAKI and Wigner RCP together with the HEPTech Network are organizing the next Academia-Industry Matching Event Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Workshop.

The aim of this event is to bring together Academic researchers and Industry experts to share ideas, potential applications and fostering collaborations in the newly emerging field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Performance Computing and related technologies.

Researchers and engineers at the Wigner Research Center for Physics are the first Europeans who deliver an intelligent camera system to the Japanese superconducting tokamak. The development that began two years ago has now reached the point that only the final tests are left before the diagnostic will be shipped.