Ünnep Renáta

Credit: http://www.mbft.hu/kongresszus2017/fotok.php

Renáta Ünnep, research associate of the Neutronspectroscopy Department, received the prestigious Ernst Jenő Award at the XXVIth Congress of the Hungarian Biophysical Society on August 22, 2017. The prize is awarded every second year to young talented Hungarian biophysicists with outstanding results and publication records.

Renáta, by using small-angle neutron scattering, studied the ultrastructure and flexibility of photosynthetic membrane systems in different photosynthetic organisms (cyanobacteria, green algae and higher plants). In addition to the determination of basic structural parameters, she, along with Hungarian and foreign collaborating partners, identified previously unknown membrane reorganizations associated with light adaptation and photoprotection of oxygenic photosynthetic organisms.