Summer Student Internship






at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics




Starting this year there will be a possibility to announce summer student internship positions at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner RCP) of the Hungarian Academy of Science in Budapest, Hungary, with financial support from the Hungarian National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (NKFIH).The application at NKFIH has been announced under the title ''Support of Summer Student Internships for Hungarian Students studying in the United Kingdom (2018-2.1.1.-UK_GYAK). This application will be sent by the Wigner RCP to receive financial support for 5 students.

The support amounts to brutto 350.000 Ft/month and can be obtained for 1-3 months in the period form June 15 to September 30, 2018. The support can be received by Hungarian citizens studying in the United Kingdom in BSc, MSc or PhD programms.

For filing the application maximum 5 exact descriptions are needed as part of the internship program from the side of MTA Wigner RCP, and data from the selected student, CV, a motivation letter, a declaration of

intension to fill this position, and an indication of the dates and duration of the intended internship.

Since the deadline for the application at NKFIH is close (April 23, 2018), we intend to finalize the selection of the 5 internshiper among the applicants until April 6-th. Then there will be 2 weeks necessary for the proper formal application at the NKFIH.

Applications are continuous, once sufficient applicants are found the WIgner FK may keep the right to terminate further applications before the above indicated date.

Preliminary applications must contain a CV and a motivation letter (either in Hungarian or in English) and must be sent to

Further information can be obtained from Ildiko Fazekas at the same e-mail address.

We acknowledge the interest of students in this programm.


Sincerely Yours,

Péter József Lévai

Director General

Budapest, March 28, 2018.


List of the announced reserach topics. (Detailed descriptions in this pdf file.)



Summer Student Internship

Research Project Topics

for Hungarian students studying in the UK


Institute ofr Particle and Nuclear Physics (RMI)

[6 topics]



1. Study of integrable quantum field theories

Supervisor: Bajnok Zoltán

(Theory Division, Holographic Quantum Field Theory Research Group)


2. Simulation of Photoionization processes in a rubidium gas

Superviser: Barna Imre Ferenc

(Plasma Physics Division, Laser Accelerator Research Group)


3. Study of laser plasma accelerators

Supervisor: Djotján Gagik

(Plasma Physics Division, Cold Plasma and Atomic Physics in Strong Fields Research Group)


4. Participation in the development of the ESA space probe JUICE

Supervisor: Nagy János

(Space Research Division, Space Technology Research Group)


5. Identification of rare events in neural networks

Supervisor: Négyessy László

(Division for Computational Science, Theoretical Neural Science and Comnplex Systems Research Group)


6. Investigation of the interaction between brain areas during multimodal information processing

Supervisor: Somogyvári Zoltán

(Division for Computational Science, Theoretical Neural Science and Comnplex Systems Research Group)



Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics (SZFI)

[8 topics]



1. Methods and experiments in femtosecond laser laboratory

Supervisor: Dombi Péter

(Applied and Nonlinear Optics Division, Ultrafast and Attosecond Physics Research Group)


2. Experimental and theoretical study of amorphous alloys

Supervisor: Jóvári Pál

(Complex Fluids Division, Fluid Structure Research Group)


3. Computer study of inhomogeneous population dynamics models

Supervisor: Juhász Róbert

(Theoretical Solid State Physics Division, Complex Systems Research Group)


4. Behaviour of quantum informatics systems

Supervisors: Kiss Tamás, Asbóth János, Kálmán Orsolya

(Division for Quantum Optics and Quantum Informatics, Foundations of Quantum Informatics and Quantum Mechanics Research Group)


5. Towards the realization of ultracold atoms trapped in optical resonators

Supervisors: Clark Thomas, Dombi András, Domokos Péter

(Division for Quantum Optics and Quantum Informatics, Quantum Optics Research Group)


6. Production and Study of organic--metal coordination skeleton systems

Supervisors: Kováts Éva, Pekker Sándor

(Division for Experimental Solid State Physics, Structure Research Laboratory)


7. Topological defects in liquid crystals

Supervisors: Buka Ágnes, Salamon Péter

(Complex Fluids Division, Partially Ordered Systems Research Group)


8. Plasmonic metal nanostructures for surface amplified Raman scattering

Supervisor: Veres Miklós

(Division for Applied and Nonlinear Optics, Nanostructures and Applied Spectroscopy Research Group)