Előadó: Szalay Szilárd

Előadás címe: Multipartite correlations in quantum systems and the chemical bond

Időpont: 2017. 04. 04. 10:00

Helyszín: MTA Wigner FK SZFI, I. épület 1. emeleti Tanácsterem


Correlations in quantum systems can be much stronger than in classical ones, an important manifestation of this is quantum entanglement. States of a bipartite system (pure or mixed) can be either uncorrelated or correlated, while for multipartite systems many different kinds of correlations arise. In the talk, I will (i) show how to grasp this complicated structure efficiently, (ii) define proper correlation measures, (iii) formulate the multipartite correlation based clustering of the system, and (iv) give an efficient algorithm for this clustering. The importance of the latter two points is that the existence of higher correlations makes the bipartite correlation based ("graph theoretical") clustering insufficient. I will also (v) illustrate the multipartite correlation theory by showing examples from molecular physics. This field provides an excellent playground for multipartite correlation theory, since here the ground states of the many-body interacting Hamiltonians are naturally factorized into approximate products of clusters of localized orbitals.

Phys. Rev. A 92, 042329 (2015) (arXiv:1503.06071 [quant-ph])
arXiv:1605.06919 [quant-ph]