The Institute of Nuclear Techniques of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics together with the Wigner Research Centre for Physics organized the first Beam Emission Spectroscopy (BES) summer school in Budapest between 29/08/2016 and 02/09/2016. Sixteen students participated the event from all over Europe. They were introduced to the BES fusion plasma diagnostic technique in details, in which the Hungarian research group plays a leading role in Europe. The head of the organizing committee, Dr. Daniel Dunai described the summer course as:

“The main difference from usual fusion physics summer schools is not just the specific topic but also that theory lectures were combined with experimental data analysis practice. Real measured BES data from 4 different experiments (MAST, KSTAR, COMPASS, TEXTOR) were analyzed in detail in small groups with a close supervision of an expert. The group work in small international teams closely resembles what students will experience in their future careers. It was great to work with so committed students from England to Bulgaria who did not mind working for long hours.  I hope this experience will be useful in setting up an international BES expert network.”

The program also included a visit to the Wigner laboratories, where the students were introduced to the novel developments and had a closer look on the technology side of the research. Based on the success of the event the institutes plan to organize BES summer school in a bi-annual basis in the future.

group photo The school The school