The second  Wigner AWAKE workshop took place at the Wigner Research Center for Physics (RCP) on 5th of May. This workshop gathered leading Scientists in the fields of laser plasma, particle acceleration and nonlinear optics from CERN, Max Planck Institute for Physics (Munich, Germany), from the University of Peking, (Beijing, China) and Wigner Centre for Physics.

The AWAKE project at CERN is the world’s first proton driven plasma wake field acceleration experiment on which basis' a new much more compact accelerator of electrons (positrons) is going to be built for a single-stage acceleration of electrons (positrons) to  TeV energy domain.

The group of Cold plasma and atomic physics in strong fields from RMI of the Wigner RCP, as an Associated Member of the AWAKE Collaboration, actively participates in the AWAKE project - using an experimental setup for creation and diagnostics of laser plasma generated by powerful femtosecond laser pulses.