12-14.10.2018. ESA BIC Hungary and ESA NTTI Hungary were introduced at the Thinkonomy – On Crossroads as Young congress

12-14 October, 2018 was the second time when the Thinkonomy community organized its professional and community gathering event in Válaszút, Romania, which aimed to link young people who would like to "play a constructive role in shaping the social life of the Transylvanian community by sharing ideas and opinions based on a qualitative knowledge base".

ESA Business Incubation Centre and ESA National Technology Transfer Initiative were introduced at the 56th Economist Congress

The 56th Economist Congress was organized on 6th-8th September, 2018. in Debrecen. At the 3-days event, the program of which was built up from plenary sessions and section meetings, among the topics the STARTUPS were also covered. Zsuzsanna Tandi, Head of the ESA Business Incubation Centre Hungary and ESA National Technology Transfer Initiative Hungary presented the operation of the office for the large audience.