Előadó: Yaxian Mao (ALICE, CCNU, Wuhan, China)

Előadás címe: "Probe QGP properties using jet observables at LHC"

Időpont: 2017. augusztus 11.  péntek du. 14:00 óra

Helyszín: MTA Wigner FK RMI III.ép. Tanácsterem



Jet physics provides a powerful tool to investigate interaction properties of quarks and gluons. The strong suppression of high-pT hadrons observed in heavy ion collisions at RHIC indicates the interaction of high energy partons with a dense colored medium prior to hadronization. The production and propagation of high pT probes can explore the mechanisms of parton energy loss, deconfinement in the medium, and shed light on the relevant physical mechanisms and the microscopic properties of the medium formed in the heavy-ion collisions. In particular, partonic energy loss results in significant modification of jet spectra and its structure. The LHC opens a new era in heavy-ion physics bringing, among several, the hard probes to unreached region of the phase-space. In the talk I will highlight few selected jet related results measured at LHC and explore the new possibilities that how the wider kinematic range at LHC will help us to better characterize the medium produced in these collisions.