Előadó: Chao Wu

Cím: Nonconformal generalization of the fluid/gravity correspondence and its applications to RHIC physics

Időpont: 2016. december 2  péntek du. 14:00 óra
Helyszín: MTA Wigner FK, 3-as épület Tanácsterem

Bővebb infó:

The boundary derivative expansion (BDE) formalism of the fluid/gravity correspondence developed by Bhattacharyya, Hubeny, Minwalla, Rangamani et al. is a beautiful and powerful method to extract the transport properties of strongly coupled relativistic fluid. It has been applied to asymptotic AdS black hole and various different kinds of related backgrounds. Almost all of these studies are in the conformal regime. In this talk, I would like to show how we generalize the BDE formalism in the nonconformal compactified black D4-brane background and apply it to the Chiral Vortical Separation Effect of RHIC physics.