Előadó:  Katsushi Ito (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Cím: ODE/IM correspondence and the Argyres-Douglas theory

Időpont: 2016. december 9  péntek du. 14:00 óra
Helyszín: MTA Wigner FK RMI II.ép. Médiaterem

Bővebb infó:

The ODE/IM correspondence gives a relation between the ordinary differential equations and the two-dimensional quantum integrable models.

We study the linear problem of the modified affine Toda field equations for an affine Lie algebra. In the conformal limit we show that the linear problem reduces to the ODE which was found by Dorey et al.

In this talk we first review the ODE/IM correspondence from the viewpoint of the affine Toda field equation. We then apply this correspondence to study the Argyres-Douglas theories, which are interacting N=2 superconformal field theories in four dimensions.