Over the last decade the Hungarian Association of Physics Students (Mafihe) has been organizing an annual winter school. This event acts like a break for the physics students after the tough examination period, exploring a stimulating part of physics or related scientific area. The topics are usually chosen to be on the edge of the mainstream education subjects and current enough to attract the young audience.


A research article published in Biomedical Optics Express in September 1, 2016 reached the first place in “Today's Top Downloads” for a few days after its online publishing. The paper has  been published by the research group of Róbert Szipőcs, PhD of Wigner RCP and reports  on a novel, Yb-fiber laser based, handheld 2PEF/SHG microscope imaging system. It is suitable for in vivo imaging of murine skin at an average power level as low as 5 mW at 200 kHz sampling rate.


The Institute of Nuclear Techniques of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics together with the Wigner Research Centre for Physics organized the first Beam Emission Spectroscopy (BES) summer school in Budapest between 29/08/2016 and 02/09/2016. Sixteen students participated the event from all over Europe. They were introduced to the BES fusion plasma diagnostic technique in details, in which the Hungarian research group plays a leading role in Europe. The head of the organizing committee, Dr. Daniel Dunai described the summer course as: