At first catch, it sounds like a bad sci-fi movie title, but this story is real. A team of Wigner fusion spent the last 3 weeks at the world’s largest stellarator device, W7-X. Where they installed a new, fully Hungarian developed equipment for the German beast.
The article of researchers at MTA Wigner RCP in collaboration with ELTE and University of Debrecen is a leading news at The European Physical Journal (EPJ) . "In high-temperature field theory applied to nuclear physics, in particular to relativistic heavy-ion collisions, it is a longstanding question how hadrons precisely transform into a quark-gluon matter and back. The change in the effective number of degrees of freedom is rather gradual than sudden, despite the identification of a single deconfinement temperature. "
The 14th Joint European Thermodynamics Conference was organized by the BME and HAS Wigner RCP between 21 and 25 May 2017 in Budapest.